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July 20, 2012


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WIN a Pony PLUSH Contest! - 4DAYS LEFT!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 20, 2012, 5:59 AM
skin by AESD

Hey there, Everypony!

So, you're probably thinking, FREE PLUSH?! OMG!!! That's right you read correctly!

There are only TWO things.

1. The plush will be an OC PONY
2.You have to ENTER a contest to get it! Now before you go making any faces I promise it'll be a somewhat fun contest.

The Contest is - DRAW YOUR PONY OC showing off their talents with :iconstarimo: 's OC and :iconnepitty:'s OC!

The OC that we think is the MOST creative and fun looking will win! After all we want to see your creative talents as much as we show off ours.
Don't have an OC pony? MAKE ONE UP! Buy one then draw it in the picture and such! XD BE CREATIVE. Know of some pony who can enter? TELL THEM! We want this to be BIG and FUN FUN FUN!! We need to SEE your pony!!! XD

:bulletred::bulletred: RULES :bulletred::bulletred:

1. The picture MUST contain Our OCs, and YOUR OC!
2. You MUST show off your OC's talent~! :D (Just make one up dude...XD It's for fun.)
3. MUST BE A PONY OC!!!!  - Seriously, If it's NOT a 'Pony" type OC, how are we going to make you a plush of it? We have to see a picture of your PONY OC as a PONY, or a "Pony Type."  (IE - MerPony, FlutterPony, Crystal Pony...Changling, Alicorn, Pegasus, Earth, Unicorn)
4. -- IT'S NOT ABOUT HOW GREAT YOU DRAW!!! Just your characters DESIGN. (Example - Colors, Power/Ability, Hair Style...accessories...) ...things like that, NOT if it's a scribble, base, or elaborate picture.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: PRIZES :bulletblue::bulletblue:

::~Lucky Star Plush~:: by Soft-Sensations
AND A Full Color pic of your OC by :iconxnedra22:

Second Prize --
A Full Color pic of your OC by :iconxnedra22:
3 Packs of My Little Pony Trading Cards

Third Prize ---
A Full Color pic of your OC by :iconxnedra22:
2 Packs of My Little Pony Trading Cards


:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Our OCs: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

:thumb285340087: -My OC, Jinx. Her talent it that whatever she says will happen and usually it's bad.

::-Spirit Storm-:: by Starimo -:iconstarimo:'s OC, Spirit Storm. Her talent is that she can create Storms, usually to bring rain to Appleoosa and dry land.


It will end on: September the 3rd!!



EDIT: We had 2 journals of this, for some reason. I got rid of the other one!


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(This one hasn't really understood what to do. You're supposed to draw your OC together with our characters, but I will make an exeption here!)
Contest Entry. Spirit Storm and Jinx by Prussia12 And their OC: Elyet the pony (Me as a pony with a diffrent name) by Prussia12
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